What was the reaction of the audience to Mr. Hoodhood's speech in The Wednesday Wars?

The reaction of the audience to Mr. Hoodhood's speech is very positive. They clap when he says that he wishes to leave a thriving, prosperous business to his son to carry on the good name of Hoodhood and Associates.

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It's the 1st of February, and Holling's dad is to be presented with the prestigious Chamber of Commerce Businessman of 1967 award. Holling and Heather are none too happy about having to wear carnations to the event, which is ironic in Heather's case as she's a hippy who normally likes to wear flowers. Mr. Hoodhood takes the opportunity to belittle Heather's beliefs for the thousandth time.

Just before everyone's ready to leave, there's an almighty crash in the living room. The ceiling has fallen in, wrecking the piano, crushing the furniture, and generally making a huge mess of the place. Holling's dad is furious at all the chaos, which doesn't put him in a particularly good mood for his forthcoming acceptance speech at the awards ceremony. He's so angry that at the shoddy workmanship of the carpenters and plasterers that had come to fix the living room ceiling that he shreds his carnation.

Nevertheless, he's still able to make his speech without any trouble. It's generally well-received by his fellow businessmen; they applaud enthusiastically when Mr. Hoodhood expresses the wish that he will one day leave a thriving, prosperous business in a thriving, prosperous town to his son, Holling. He will carry on the good name of Hoodhood and Associates.

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