Where Men Win Glory

by Jon Krakauer

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What was the purpose of Where Men Win Glory?

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Jon Krakauer’s biography of Pat Tillman, Where Men Win Glory, tells the true story of an American hero. Pat Tillman played in the National Football League until the September 11th attacks in 2001. After that tragic day, he joined the US Army and became an Army Ranger to fight for and protect American freedom.

Krakauer’s purpose behind telling Tillman’s story is to focus on multiple aspects of his life to ensure that the reader understands what an incredible man he was. The fact that Tillman was willing to leave his career in the NFL, a career that would earn him millions of dollars, for the life of a soldier only begins the story.

Krakauer’s work also shines a larger light into America’s involvement in the war on terror. Sadly, Tillman died in battle in 2004 leading to many controversies around how he died as well as how his family was notified. Krakauer uses his book to analyze the truth behind how Tillman died and what possible cover-ups might have been used to hide the facts. He investigates reports that Tillman’s uniform was burned before an autopsy could be conducted, and he claims that the government pushed through awards for Tillman, including the Silver Star Medal, to continue to cover up any issues that may have led to his death.

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