What was the purpose of the noon meeting at the Fishers' home in Tangerine?

The purpose of the noon meeting at the Fishers' home is for Mrs. Fisher to tell her neighbors that her son Erik and his friend Arthur Bauer have been robbing the neighborhood. Mrs. Fisher found out about this when she came across some stolen items in her storage bin.

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After everything that's been going on, such as the Antoine Thomas eligibility scandal, Paul can be forgiven for thinking that the important meeting his Mom and Dad have arranged at their house is anything but important.

As it turns out, it really is an important meeting. The Fishers have invited their neighbors round to tell them some incredibly disturbing news. It transpires that Erik Fisher and his friend Arthur Bauer are responsible for a string of thefts in the neighborhood.

Apparently, Erik would keep watch outside houses tented for termites while Arthur would put on a gas mask and go inside and rob them. Mrs. Fisher has an extensive list of items that the boys have stolen, including a Rolex watch and a set of antique pearls.

It turns out that when Mrs. Fisher was out at her storage bin one day, looking for boxes of winter clothing, she came across a gym bag containing a gas mask, a pair of rubber gloves, and a plastic supermarket bag containing valuable items of jewelry.

Later on, she went to the sheriff and told him about what she had found. The sheriff confirmed that these items matched the description of items stolen while the Fishers' neighbors' homes had been tented for termites.

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