I Heard the Owl Call My Name

by Margaret Craven

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What was the name of the dance that they observed in the village in I Heard the Owl Call My Name?

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I Heard the Owl Call My Name is a novel written by American journalist and author Margaret Craven. It was published in 1973.

The novel's central character, Mark Brian, is a twenty-seven-year-old vicar who has been sent by his bishop to live with a Kwakiutl Indian tribe in the British Colombian coastal village of Kingcome. Mark only has two years to live, although he does not know this until close to the end of the novel.

In Kingcome, January is dancing season and the village dances are generally for tribal members only. Although Mark is not invited to the dances he is told about them by his friend Jim. The dances last three hours and are The Grouse Dance and The Moon Dance. The Grouse Dance is a symbol of a young boy’s dream of hunting grouse, whilst The Moon Dance is representative of a debate between a full moon and a half-moon.

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