What was the the first town ever in America?

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Although St. Augustine, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Jamestown, Virginia are usually thought of as the oldest established towns in America, there were many others that were settled before them. According to one source, the town of Ticul (in Mexico's Yucatan province) was first established in 700 B.C. It was inhabited by the Mayan Indians. The first established settlement in what is now the United States was Cahokia (present day Illinois). Cahokia was settled around 650 A.D. (or C.E.) by an indigenous population during the Emergent Mississippian cultural period. The settlements of Acoma Pueblo and Taos Pueblo (present day New Mexico) are considered the two oldest continuously occupied communities in the U. S., first established in 1000. Acoma Pueblo is now known as Sky City.