What was the weather like in the book "Forty Acres and a Mule"?

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This novel takes place during the first 6 months of Reconstruction, in the summer and fall of 1965.  The weather as portrayed by Robinet is accurate for Georgia - warm and humid.  As the story begins, the weather is comforting, and the environment full of new life.  However, as the story continues, and as the summer transitions into fall, the heat becomes overwhelming and the vegetation begins to wither.  This is symbolic of the experiences of the freed slaves. 

When Pascal and his friends are full of hope, Robinet describes the setting with energy and hope.  Consider these quotes:

"Grass and wildflowers blanketed the land. Meadowlarks flashed yellow feathers, singing as they flew across the flowers. Redwinged blackbirds called from cat-nine-tails at the creek. The land smelled clean and fertile and good."

However, as time passes, and the community of African-Americans realize that their new life presents new dangers and despair, the setting description changes.  Again accurate to the climate in Georgia, Robinet describes the eventual browning of the leaves and oppressiveness of the August and September humidity.

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