What was the Swallow's reason for visiting the statue the first time in "The Happy Prince"?

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The Swallow loves a beautiful Reed. He meets her when he was chasing a yellow moth down the river in early spring. She has such an attractive waist that he stops and chats with her. This is beginning of their relationship, and he spends the summer courting her. In the meantime, all his fellow swallows fly to Egypt while he stays behind. His fellow swallows disapprove of his love for the Reed because she is common and has so many relatives.

The Swallow, however, soon becomes disillusioned with the Reed. He decides she doesn't have much to say and is a "coquette" who flirts with the wind. She also doesn't like to travel, and she won't go away with him. Therefore, he leaves her and heads for Egypt to meet up with the other swallows.

When he gets to Egypt at night, he sees the statue of the prince and decides it would be a "fine" place to sleep, full of fresh air. Therefore, he settles on it, calling it a "golden bedroom." It is probable that had he flown with the flock, he would have settled elsewhere with them, but because of his courtship and arriving alone, he finds the statue.

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