What is the summary of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island?

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A tale of pirates, buried treasure, and colorful characters, Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island is one of literature's greatest adolescent adventure stories. It is told through the eyes of the novel's young hero, Jim Hawkins, and his quest for the buried fortune that is revealed on a treasure map provided by the mysterious Billy Bones, a visitor at Jim's father's seaside inn. After Billy Bones dies and the treasure map is discovered, Jim enlists the aid of several family friends who charter a ship to sail from England to the Caribbean in search of the gold. During the voyage, Jim discovers that many of the ship's crew are actually pirates--led by the unforgettable one-legged Long John Silver--who attempt to take over the ship. Jim and his friends eventually overcome the pirates and uncover the treasure, which has already been found and hidden by a castaway left stranded on the island. The pirates are defeated, and Jim and his mates return to England with the booty, but not before the captured Long John Silver escapes--never to be seen again.