What was Simon's life before the boys landed on the island in Lord of the Flies?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The reader can only speculate what Simon's life was like before he was stranded on the island based on the few salient details provided by William Golding.

  1. Simon was a choir boy with Jack's group.  The reader can assume that his status among this group of boys was definitely lower than Jack's, because Jack was the Head Boy (and could sing C sharp).  Simon was an easy target for the group's derision because of his known tendency for fainting spells.
  2. Simon's physical ailment-- Simon faints at the beginning of the novel after Jack leads the choir boys on the trek across the island to meet Ralph.  Later, he has an episode (and possible hallucination) in the jungle after seeing the pig's head.  What may or may not be epilepsy, Simon has been troubled with this physical condition well before his arrival on the island.
  3. The reader can conclude that Simon comes from a privileged background.  His membership in the choir, which would have been part of an illustrious private school upbringing, suggests that his family was wealthy or at least financially stable and interested in obtaining the social advantages that accompany a private education.
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