What was significant about the Iowa Hawkeyes football team in 1960?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One significant element about the Iowa Hawkeyes football team in 1960 was its overall dominance in the Big Ten athletic conference.  That season, the Hawkeyes held the traditional powers of the conference in complete check. Iowa State defeated Northwestern, Michigan State, and Ohio State 104- 27.  The intense scheduled that the Hawkeyes played along with their mastery of such opponents is significant.  Such dominance is rare and this becomes one significant aspect to the Iowa Hawkeyes football season in 1960.

Another reason why the season is so important is because it was the final season of legendary Hawkeye coach Forest Evashevski.  Coach Evy was a respected figure in Hawkeye football.  For the most part, he had made it clear that 1960 was going to be his final season coaching.  His players evidently believed it in the manner through which they dominated their opponents. After Coach Evashevski moved to Athletic Director, Hawkeye football suffered through some challenging seasons in terms of record and personnel discord. This is another reason that the 1960 season can be seen as even more significant.  It represented a high water mark for Iowa Hawkeye football.  The 1960 season went very far in solidifying Coach Evashevski's legendary status in Iowa Hawkeye football.

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