What was the significance of Tribulation in establishing the rules and behaviors of the Waknuk people?

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The Tribulation was some sort of world-ending, population-killing, cataclysmic event. We are told it was equivalent to all of the greatest disasters in the world combined.

Tribulation had been another such punishment, but the greatest of all: it must, when it struck, have been like a combination of all these disasters.

The Waknuk people think that God sent the Tribulation to punish mankind for some kind of sin against God or creation itself. The Waknuk people do not want the world to go through another Tribulation, so they have made it a societal goal to stay in line with what supposedly worked for people and God before they were punished with the Tribulation.

Only the authorities, ecclesiastical and lay, were in a position to judge whether the next step was a rediscovery, and so, safe to take; or whether it deviated from the true re-ascent, and so was sinful.

The main rule that now stands as the guiding principle for the Waknuk people is the preservation of the human form.

Above all, he...

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