Panama Canal Significance

What was the significance of the Panama Canal?

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The Panama Canal is significant for several reasons. The main reason is that it greatly affected world travel and trade. The Panama Canal reduced the amount of time it took to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and vice versa. Instead of having to travel around the tip of South America, ships could cut through the Panama Canal and save several months of travel time. This made trade and travel much faster.

Another reason why the Panama Canal is significant is that its construction proved that we could overcome big obstacles in trying to improve the world. Several attempts were made to try and build the canal. They all were unsuccessful. We overcame obstacles such as disease and difficult geographic features to build the Panama Canal. It was proof to many Americans that we could do just about anything.

The building of the Panama Canal also showed the power and influence of the United States. When Colombia refused to work out a deal with us to build the Panama Canal, we supported a revolution that led to the creation of the new country of Panama. We quickly signed a treaty with Panama after they became a country.

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