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What was the significance of manufacturing the Renault Clio?

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The Renaut Clio is a subcompact automobile, or “mini,” introduced in 1990 by the French manufacturer and is credited with turning around the company’s previously flagging reputation.  In fact, the Clio has proven remarkably successful in the European and Asian markets.  According to the company’s website (linked below), 11.5 million Clio models have been sold in 115 countries since its introduction, and its latest design, the Clio IV, represents Renault’s return to the model’s roots after a period of growing size and weight.  The Clio IV is a smaller version more similar to its earlier cousins, but incorporates the latest in safety and handling technologies.  In 2006, a British consumer advocate series on the BBC broadcast a story detailing over 1,000 instances of the Clio’s hood latch failing, with the hood flying up while the car was operated at high speeds.  Renault officials attributed the problem to poor maintenance on the part of owners and service dealers, but the British Government has continued to monitor the situation.