What was the significance of the Louisiana Purchase? *not just geographic

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The Louisiana Purchase was a significant event in the expansion of the US territory. It also gave the US economy a boost by giving the federal government control of the Mississippi River, which borders 10 states: Minnesota (its origin point), Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

The Louisiana Purchase also allowed the United States to attain control of New Orleans, which at the time was the largest port city in the South and arguably its most important. The ability to control the waterways of Louisiana, especially New Orleans, allowed plantation owners to transport their crops. This allowed the southern states like Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, and others to contribute to the nation's GDP.

However, the advantages that the United States gained in the Louisiana Purchase were not all about addition. The United States' power also increased through subtraction—in this case, the minimization of France's territory in the United States.

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