What was Shmeuls home life like?I forgot my book at home and my essay is due tomorrow! Please help!

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Shmuel tells Bruno that before they came to the camp, he lived in Poland with his mother, father, and brother, Josef, in a small apartment above the store where his father made watches.  They would have breakfast with each other every morning at seven o'clock, and then the boys would go to school.  While they were at school, their father would fix watches and make new ones.  (pg 126)

Then one day Shmuel came home from school, and his mother was making armbands with the Jewish star on them. After that, every time they left the house they had to wear that armband. That lasted for a few month. (pg 127)

Then one day when he came home from school, his mother said that they couldn't live there anymore.  They were moved to another part of the city where they all had to live in one room behind a big wall that the soldiers built.  There was another family in that one room too. The mother and father of that other family were always fighting and their son, who was much bigger than Shmuel, would always hit him.  There were eleven people in that one room. (pg 128)

Then the soldiers came and moved them to the camp.  That is when they separated the family and took his mother somewhere else.


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