A Sound Of Thunder Setting

What is the setting of the story "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury?

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The setting of a story can be described as both the time and the place. Though the exact geographical location is not given, the place in time is. The story takes place both in the future and in the distant past. As the story begins, the setting is 2055. The story then moves back in time 60 million years to the age of dinosaurs. 

At the beginning of the story, the setting is a business that offers customers time travel. Customers in the year 2055 are at the business inquiring about traveling back in time 60 million years to hunt for dinosaurs. Once their request is granted, after a brief amount of time in the time machine, the setting of the story changes to the outdoors, a jungle setting. It is now approximately 60 million years in the past. The hunters are ordered to stay on a walking path that heads out through a jungle.

As the plot of the story continues, a dinosaur is killed according to the company's strict guidelines and the men all return through the jungle to the setting of the...

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