Why was Scout nonchalant about her family attendance at the pageant? How successful were the hounds in locating Tutti's and Frutti's furniture?Chapter 27 of To Kill a Mockingbird.  

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Atticus and Aunt Alexandra both had relatively good excuses for not attending the Halloween pageant. Atticus had been away from Maycomb in Montgomery for a week and had just returned. He apologized, saying he "was all in." Alexandra had helped with the decorations for most of the day, and she "was worn out." Scout admits she was "disappointed," but after showing her ham costume to Atticus and Alexandra, they "were delighted." She modeled it for Calpurnia, who said Scout "was wonderful." Scout had shown her costume to the people who mattered most, and her ego was stroked just enough to make her happy. 

The hounds solved the mystery of the missing furniture belonging to Miss Tutti and Miss Frutti. After coming up with no clear suspects, Sheriff Tate called in the dogs.

"... all they did was run around to the back of the house and howl at the cellar door. When Mr. Tate set them in motion three times, he finally guessed the truth."

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