What was Sara Louise's most significant or important line in the book "Jacob Have I Loved"? Why is it so important?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think Sara Louise's most important line in the book is found five paragraphs from the end of Chapter 18.  She says,

"And, oh, my blessed, she was right.  All my dreams of leaving, but beneath them I was afraid to go.  I had clung to them, to Rass, yes, even to my grandmother, afraid that if I loosened my fingers an iota, I would find myself once more cold and clean in a forgotten basket".

With these words, Sara Louise finally realizes that the key to escaping life in her sister's shadow lies within her own hands.  Sara Louise has every reason to feel insecure, having been overlooked and taken for granted from the day she was born.  By facing the fact that it is ultimately her own fear that has prevented her from changing the conditions of her life, she takes the first step toward personal freedom and establishing her own identity.  With her acceptance of the truth, Sara Louise also realizes that she has not been as unloved as she has believed.  She needs, and receives, only a word of confirmation from her mother that she is indeed cherished and appreciated, in order to find the strength "at last to leave the island and begin to build (herself) as a soul, separate from the long, long shadow of (her) twin" (Chapter 18).