What was Russia's unemployment rates from 1917 to 1939?

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hi1954 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

rwake's answer is correct, during the Revolution(s) and the Civil War things were far too chaotic to really have records of something like unemployment. Thousands were in armies, thousands were displaced, thousands were still farming and being raided for food by contingents of the Red Army. After the Communist Party consolidated power, technically speaking no one was unemployed. Everyone was employed by the State. If one were at loose ends, something would be found for him to do, and he would be assigned to a factory or the military or a work camp in Siberia. Consumer rationing was constant through this period, and the population was caught between repeated bouts of massive armaments production and an economy that could not sustain improvement. There was plenty of work to be done.

rwake | Student

Really no accurate answer to this question can be given.  Records for such things in early Soviet Russia are few and far between and what was recorded for such things has to be looked at carefully because figures were often manipulated during this time period.