Discuss the role of the Muslim League in the establishment of a divided Indian subcontinent.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The presence of the Muslim League played a significant role in the movement towards the two nation state emerging from the end of British Rule.  Even when Indian independence was a far off vision, the Muslim League was adamant in suggesting that the construction of a separate state for Muslims and one for Hindus would be the only way to protect the rights of the religious minority Muslims.  The Muslim League put forth this situation in believing that even under Colonial Rule, their rights were being subjugated.  When the prospect of independence was near there was little else to suggest that this point of view would not be embraced in a post- British setting on the subcontinent.  The Muslim League did not stray in its notion of examining the issue of identity in terms of Muslim vs. Hindu realities.  Throughout its development, the League did much to suggest that this configuration of reality existed in two different realms, one for Hindus and another for Muslims.  The Muslim League saw Partition as something that would safeguard the interests of Muslims, preventing a repeat of Colonial subjugation at the hands of the Hindus.

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