The French Revolution

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Assess the Jacobin club in the French Revolution.

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I am not sure there is going to be much in the way of good about the Jacobins in the French Revolution.  I think that one positive element could be how the group started.  Its origins were rooted in a setting that believed in universal suffrage, widespread education, separation of church and state, as well as other Enlightenment notions.  Yet, I think that the emergence of Robespierre and the Reign of Terror that resulted as the group gained power has to be taken into account.  The emergence of the group and the "Republic of Virtue" turned out to be an absolute disaster, and one that was responsible for anything but Enlightenment notions of the good.  The idea of this group of individuals controlling the fate of many, using public policy and instruments to avenge personal vendetta, and the setting created in which "no one was too illustrious or too humble to escape" helped to make it a representation of the disaster of the French Revolution.  If nothing else, the Jacobin Club demonstrated the historical tenet of the difficulty in maintaining and establishing power in a post- Revolution setting.

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the jacobins mainly consisted of poeple from the lower sections of the third estate . these poeples were the ones who were pretty shaken up with financial and many other different types of problems . so then these poeple decided to form their political clubs to demand recognition as citizen , mainly wanting a participation in the government and the right to vote . out of these clubs the most renowed club was the jacobins . and later the majoroty of this club formed the government convention and the head of jacobins - robespierre later became the head of the convention government and turned into a ruthless killer too it was said that anyone who would dare to oppose the laws of convention of the ways used by it or any decision of the convention the person would be beheaded .

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