What was Robert Sapolsky's overall research question in the book A Primate's Memoir?

Expert Answers
psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Robert Sapolsky's A Primate’s Memoir documents his years as a graduate student studying baboons in Africa. When you are looking at the research question of a document you are looking for the question that is posed that the researcher, Robert, is seeking to answer with the hypothesis that is being tested. As this book is an autobiography and not a research paper there is not a singular research question but instead looks at the different stages of his life as he studied primates.

The book itself is broken into four parts which cover when he first came to Africa and was learning the ropes of primate research. The second part of the book looks at his life as he had formed a thesis for his research and had formed relationships not only with the baboons he was studying but also with local tribesman. Part three of the book looks at the changes within the baboon pride within his post-doctoral work and the final part of the book explores how Robert’s times with the baboons ended.