What Was Revolutionary About The American Revolution And What Was Not

What was revolutionary about the American Revolution, and what was not?

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In some ways, the American Revolution was revolutionary. In other ways, it wasn’t so revolutionary.

The concept of a revolution as it relates to government is for a group of people to replace their government if that government isn’t protecting the peoples’ rights. In the American Revolution, that is exactly what happened. When, in the colonists’ opinion, the British government began to abuse their rights, the colonists spent years trying to resolve their concerns peacefully. When change didn’t occur and when fighting eventually took place, the colonists declared their independence and fought for their freedom.

In some ways, the American Revolution wasn’t really revolutionary. It is not uncommon for people to want to replace a government that is not treating its people well. It is a normal reaction. Also, what was created after the Revolutionary War ended in the United States wasn’t significantly different from what existed before the Revolutionary War began. After the...

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