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What was the revolt in 1847?


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The Revolt of 1847, also known as the Taos Revolt or Taos Rebellion, was a revolt that was carried out by the New Mexicans and Pueblo allies in January of 1847 during the Mexican - American War.  The American troops under the command of General Stephen Watts Kearny took control over the city of Santa Fe in 1846.  After these troops gained control over the state of New Mexico all but a small set of troops left the state to go take control over other areas. Upset over their loss of sovereignty and being cut off from Mexico, the New Mexican planned a rebellion which was to take place in December of 1846 but this effort was thwarted before the rebellion actually occurred.  The following January, the appointed governor of the New Mexican territory was killed when he traveled to his home without troops.  Following this act, the rebels began to commit other attacks.  The American forces were soon alerted, however, and the troops closed in on the rebels, putting an end to their insurrection.  The Revolt of 1847 was a victory for the American troops who crushed their opposition.                                 

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