What was the revelant aspects of Patrick Henry life?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Patrick Henry was a statesman from Virginia who led their delegation to the Continental Congress and was somewhat pivotal in some of the decisions of the Congress to support revolution and the Declaration of Independence.  His famous speech, or the famous speech attributed to him, ending in "Give me Liberty or give me death," is often cited as a great expression of his rhetorical prowess as well as his great patriotism.

It is important to note that later in his political career he was very much against the way the constitution was written feeling that it would make it very difficult for individual states to maintain important rights and powers.  Some of this feeling later changed as he grew more favorably inclined to federalism by the late 1790s.  He served as Governor of Virginia twice and was asked by Washington to be secretary of state but he turned the post down.