What was the result of the Battle of Fallen Timbers?

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In the years preceding the Battle of Fallen Timbers, which took place in 1794, a large uprising of a confederation of Native Americans led by the Miami war chief Little Turtle, gripped the Ohio Valley. Two successive American military excursions against the Shawnee and the Miami met with almost total destruction. Finally, an army led by Anthony Wayne, hand-chosen by President Washington to lead the campaign, entered the Ohio Valley and met a force under Little Turtle at Fallen Timbers in modern-day Ohio. This time, the Americans won a major victory, quelling the uprising and opening the Ohio Valley to American settlement. With the Native confederacy essentially destroyed, its leaders agreed to the Treaty of Greenville, which recognized American ownership of lands formerly claimed by an array of Ohio Valley Indians. The battle also had the effect of ending British influence in the Ohio Valley, as the British had surreptitiously supported the Confederacy.

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