What was the resistance movement? What did they do?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The underground resistance made efforts to save the Jews from mass murder at the Buchenwald camp. On April 5th, all Jews were asked to gather in the Appelplatz. The order came under mysterious circumstances which heightened the prisoners’ sense of doubt. For most of them, the order marked their end. Hitler was living up to his promise of annihilating all Jews.  On their way to the Appelplatz, other prisoners asked them to return to their blocks because the German officers planned to shoot them. Eliezer and the other prisoners established that this was an effort by the underground resistance to save them.

We returned to the block. On our way there, we learned that the underground resistance of the camp had made the decision not to abandon the Jews and to prevent their liquidation.

The resistance movement comprised of armed prisoners, who later launched an attack on the SS, forcing them to flee and abandon the camp. The resistance subsequently took over control of the camp and liberated the prisoners.

The resistance movement decided at that point to act. Armed men appeared from everywhere. Bursts of gunshots. Grenades exploding.
We, the children, remained flat on the floor of the block. The battle did not last long. Around noon, everything was calm again. The SS had fled and the resistance had taken charge of the camp.