What was the recommendation of the Dawson-Hind exploration?

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The recommendation of the Dawson-Hind Exploration (or Dawson-Hind Expedition) was that the government of Canada should annex all of the arable land in the territory that was then (1857) held by the Hudson Bay Company.

In 1857, Canada was not nearly as large as it is now.  At that time, Canada was actually only made up of the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Much of the territory to the west that is now part of Canada was owned by the Hudson Bay Company.  This territory went all the way to the Rocky Mountains and was known as Rupert’s Land.  In 1857, the expedition went through that area to conduct a study of the land.  The expedition decided that the best thing to do would be for the government of Canada to annex all of that arable land that was owned by the company.  In 1869, the Canadian government actually did buy all of Rupert’s Land from the company.  This would lead to settlement of the area, which brought white settlers into conflict with the First Nations and Metis who lived there.