What was the real reason Kikuji was asked to go to the tea ceremony in "Thousand Cranes"?

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In the story, Kikuji was invited to the tea ceremony by Kurimoto Chikako, his father's (Mr. Mitani's) one-time mistress. Kurimoto invited Kikuji because she wanted him to meet a young lady who was taking ceremonial tea lessons from her. In reality, Kurimoto had arranged the miai (or prospective bride-viewing) to spite Mrs. Ota, who was also another of Mr. Mitani's mistresses.

Kurimoto's jealousy was predicated on the fact that Mr. Mitani had left her for Mrs. Ota when he was alive. Accordingly, Mr. Mitani reportedly kept Mrs. Ota as his mistress until the day he died, while Kurimoto was relegated to the background as a...

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