What was reaction of the woman, Mrs. Jones?

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Mrs. Jones's reaction is one of immediate rebuke and empathy.  Mrs. Jones does not allow Roger to evade responsibility.  Through a mixture of sternness and compassion, she makes him understand the mistake he committed.  Mrs. Jones has seen a great deal of life and while it is evident that she does not live with anyone else physically, she carries with her much in way of company from an emotional point of view.  She allows Roger to understand the depth and mistakes that she has made in her own life.  This becomes her fundamental reaction.  

The reader gets the impression that Roger has changed in some way because of his interaction with her.  What this looks like, just like what Mrs. Washington did in the past, remain unclear.  What does become lucid is that her reaction forces Roger to understand the implications of what he did and something in him has fundamentally changed as a result of his interactions with her.  It is here where her reaction becomes understandable, seeking to right that which is wrong and prevent Roger from progressing down the same path that she might have tread earlier in Mrs. Jones's life.

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