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What was the reaction by the colonists to the British Troops?

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The colonists did not react positively to the British troops that were stationed in the colonies. When the British sent troops to enforce the Proclamation of 1763, the colonists were not happy. The colonists resented this law, which prevented them from moving to the lands the British had gained from the French following the French and Indian War. They were even more upset when they had to provide housing and supplies for these troops.

After the Townshend Acts were passed, which placed new taxes on various items, the British sent troops to Massachusetts. This did not go over well with the colonists, who knew the troops were not being sent there to protect them. The colonists did not view the British troops positively, partially because of how the troops acted. They often were rude and disrespectful to the colonists, and the troops were not known to display high standards of moral behavior.

The presence of British troops in the colonies helped stoke the anti-British flames that were growing in the colonies and eventually led to the start of the Revolutionary War.

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