What was Rasputin's role in the Russian State Duma?Mainly if he had influenced the tsar to dissolve the Duma.

Expert Answers
larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rasputin's primary influence was with the Tsarina, Alexandra. Rasputin claimed to be able to stop the Tsarivich, Alexis, from bleeding (he suffered from hemophilia.) By this method, he managed to worm his way into the royal family and exerted far more influence than was normal. Alexandra listened to him with blind allegiance, and Nicholas was prone to listen to Alexandra Rasputin did insist that Nicholas II dissolve the Duma and that he should rule as an absolute monarch. Rasputin's argument was that God had made Nicholas Tsar, and he should not allow the Duma to interfere with God's will. He supported this argument be claiming that he as a "holy man" knew the will of God. Nicholas did not necessarily listen directly to Rasputin, but he did listen to Alexandra, who called Rasputin "our friend," and passed on his messages to Nicholas. So to answer your question, yes, Rasputin was influential in dissolving the Duma and Nicholas' attempts to rule absolutely; but his influence was somewhat indirect.