What was Raja Ram Mohan Roy's view about the role of English Studies in India?I want its descriptive answer...

sukriti230 | Student

Roy was committed to education, without which he believed social reform would be impossible. He campaigned for education in Western science and technology combined with India's heritage. In 1822, he established an English medium Anglo-Hindu School and in 1827, with the support of the Scottish missionary-educator Alexander Duff he founded the Anglo-Hindu College.

He believed that English-language education was superior to the traditional Indian education system, and he opposed the use of government funds to support schools teaching Sanskrit. He championed women's education.

Ram Mohan Roy was supportive of English studies in India. Being a progressive social reformer and scholar, he believed English to be one of the best media for spreading scientific knowledge. 
He, himself translated vedic texts and ancient scriptures into simple English so that they can be better understood. 
He opened up several school and colleges where he supported modern, western curriculum along with traditional ways of learning. 
He thus supported the use of English language and in general induction of western learning into Indian education.