What was the purpose of the colony?

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According to Price, the purpose of the Jamestown colony was profit. This first permanent English colony located in Virginia was funded as a joint-stock company by the enterprising Virginia Company of London, which was determined to procure silver, gold, and riches from the abundant land in North America. King James I chartered the colony in 1606, and Jamestown was settled in 1607.

As England competed against other European nations for land and power, the impetus to explore and settle Jamestown also came from Englishmen who supported the royal vision of an extensive empire.

Additionally, the investors in the Virginia Company of London sponsored exploration to secure a trade route from Virginia to the Pacific by river, as Europeans did not know the geographical perimeters of the continent of North America. However, the purpose of the colony was primarily to bring resources and riches back to England. Two years after landing at Jamestown, the Virginia Company offered public stock. Although the colony barely survived its first few years, trade with Native Americans did aid in its lasting existence, and the colony would serve as a significant port, as well as a trade center, for many years as the other twelve colonies were established in America.

Another aim of the Jamestown colony was the "conversion" of Native Americans, although this was not a central purpose of the company. Many colonists, once settled in Virginia, did seek to both spread Christianity to Native Americans and educate them in European ways, often forcibly.

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