The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Edward Connell

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What was the publication city and publisher name for this story in 1924?

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The Most Dangerous Game” is a short story written by Richard Connell. It was first published in the American magazine, Collier’s, on January 19th, 1924. 1924 was a transitional year for Collier’s. The printing operations moved from New York to Springfield, Ohio, but the editorial and business departments remained in New York. After 1924, the magazine was printed at the Crowell-Collier printing plant in Springfield, Ohio, but since this story was printed in January of 1924, it’s unclear whether it was printed in New York or Springfield.

Inspired by the popularity of hunting safaris among wealthy Americans in the 1920s, this story is about a New York man who travels to the Amazon to hunt large game. He falls off his yacht and swims to an island known for shipwrecks. On this island, he then becomes hunted by a Russian aristocrat who became bored of hunting animals. The story won the O’Henry Prize and has been adapted for radio and several times for film.

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The Most Dangerous Game was originally published in the January 19, 1924 edition of Colliers Weekly magazine. Collier's, founded in 1888 by Peter Finley Collier, would experience many ups and downs throughout it's history, peaking as an important muckraking magazine in the first decade of the twentieth century and then again as a serious rival to the Saturday Evening Post in the 1920's through the 40's. As near as I can figure out, Colliers Weekly was published in New York, with corrrespondents traveling all over the country and the world.

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