The Proclamation of 1763

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What was the Proclamation Line of 1763?

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The Proclamation Line of 1763 was an imaginary line drawn down the crest of the Appalachian Mountains by the British government.  Beyond that line, the British government forbade settlement by American colonists.  The imposition of this line angered many colonists.

After the French and Indian War, the British government wanted to stop having to spend so much on its military.  For that reason, it didn’t want settlers to go and live on the other side of the Appalachians where they might need to be protected from hostile Indians.  In addition, the British government wanted to have more control over the fur trade with the Indians.  Therefore, the British did not want any American colonists out trading with the Indians on their own.

The colonists were annoyed by this proclamation since they felt it infringed on their rights.  This was one of the first things that started American colonists toward the Revolutionary War. 

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