The Crazy Horse Electric Game

by Chris Crutcher

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What was the problem in the book The Crazy Horse Electric Game, and how was it solved?

Expert Answers

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There are many problems in the book "Crazy Horse Electric Game." One could say that it was the amount of pressure and then reward placed on an adolescent child, or any numerous problems in the novel. The main problem, i suppose, is how Willie deals with being disabled. At first, Willie retreats, wanting to be left alone, he sinks into darkness, even contemplating suicide. Finally, due to the support he feels hes lacking from his father, Willie decides to run away. Finally, while in Oakland, and living with a pimp, Willie proves to himself that even though he his disability, if he works hard he can overcome it. This realization comes, of course, after lots of strife while in Oakland. If the main problem, then, is Willie's disablity and his inability to deal with it in his hometown of Coho, the solution would be that he found himself and his own identity in Oakland.

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