What was the price for a newspaper in the early 1930s?

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Since you are asking for the cost of newspapers during the early 1930's, the following answer will denote the cost of the papers from 1930 through 1935. While there were many localized newspapers, The New York Times may have been the most popular national newspaper. Therefore, the cost for this paper will be defined.

The New York Times

1930- March 7, 1930 newspaper cost= two cents.

1931- September 29, 1931 newspaper cost= two cents.

1932- March 23, 1932 newspaper cost= two cents.

1933- March 4, 1933 newspaper cost= two cents.

1934- August 28, 1934 newspaper cost= two cents.

1935- January 9, 1935 newspaper cost= two cents.

The cost of this paper did not rise from two cents until 1938 when it was raised from two cents to three cents.

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 1936 newspaper cost= three cents, but in 1930 =two cents.

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Click on the picture of the Sun to make it large enough to see the price.

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