What was Ponyboy's future plan?  What was Ponyboy's future plan in The Outsiders?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ponyboy is the brainy one in the family. He likes to read and go to movies. But, what makes him different from other teens is that he is a Greaser, a gang member. His life has been hard with both of his parents dead, and his older brother Darry giving up a college scholarship to keep the family together. Pony has dreams of becoming a writer, and that means going to college. He will not drop out like his older brother Soda did. He now understands Darry's tough love toward him and will attempt to keep peace in the family by not arguing so much with Darry. Pony will, in the words of Johnny Cade, will "stay gold" because that is who he is, a good hearted person who will become something bigger than his current life might indicate.