What was the point that Aldous Huxley was trying to make when writing Brave New World? Please several ideas and support such as quotes (if possible). Need different reason as to what he wanted the people who read his book to learn.

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Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is somewhat of a warning to people about the direction the world was taking.  In literature, this type of writing is refered to as an allegory.  Huxley teaches moral lessons about consumerism, totalitarianism, self-gratification, and the dangers of technology. 

Historically, during Huxley's life time, Henry Ford had created the model T car.  With this came new technology, one of which was the conveyor belt.  This allowed for vehicles to be manufactured much more quiclky than before.  However, this also rendered certain workers redudant.  In addition, the creation of the light bulb was a marvel at the time and still is today.  Nevertheless, this created shift work because workers could now see at night.  From this point on, men were working at night instead of spending time with their...

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