What was Plato's view on government? In Plato's Republic, what are is view on government, and what are the different types of government?

In Plato's Republic, Plato's view on government is that a successful government is contingent on having the ruler with the best mind. Thus, it is also dependent upon its ruler's love for wisdom above all else. Plato believed that the best model for a government would be led by those who are the best trained, informed, and balanced people.

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Plato contends we are all made of the same three parts yet not all have the parts aligned in a healthy balance. The result is that greed, ambition, and foolishness rule in these unbalanced people. Plato lived through the democratic period in Athens' government and through the oligarchy period when the conquering Spartans installed the wealthy oligarchists as rulers of Athens, a move that unleashed a fierce retribution of bloodshed upon the unseated democratic rulers.

Plato rejected the rule of the mistake prone and seemingly unreasoning democratic faction and equally rejected the oligarchic rule of the retaliatory wealthy elite. After a period of seclusion, Plato wrote the Republic. In it he describes human nature and uses human nature (as he described it) as a metaphor and template for a reasonable government.

He assigns ruling authority to those who have a functioning alignment and balance between their three constituent parts and a dominant dedication to the highest: (1: lowest) love of...

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