What was the Patriots' point of view on the French and Indian War?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Patriots supported the British in the French and Indian War. The threat of conflict against the colonists was growing as the British began to move into the Ohio Valley. The French and most Native American tribes were concerned the British would interfere with the lucrative fur trade and take land away from them. Plus, France and England were rivals throughout the world and were fighting the Seven Years War. The Patriots didn’t want France to win as this could have had a big effect on their life. George Washington served for the British in this war. He led some of the armies in battle.  Benjamin Franklin proposed the Albany Plan of Union that called for some sort of unified government in case of attack. While the plan was rejected, it showed his concern regarding an attack by France. The Patriots were very interested in having the British win this war so they could remain under British rule and continue with their familiar way of life.

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