What was the organization of the constitution?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Constitution of the United States was organized into major sections known as articles.  There are seven articles in the Constitution.  The first three articles each deals with a different branch of our system of government.  Each article sets out the powers that its branch of government has and how the members of that branch will be selected.  The other four articles deal with more miscellaneous issues.  The fourth is generally about the rights of the states, the fifth about how the Constitution can be amended, the sixth about the powers of the federal government and the final article about how the document is to be ratified.

After the original Constitution, there are the amendments to that Constitution.  The first ten of these amendments deal with the rights that are most fundamental to society.  These ten amendments collectively are known as the Bill of Rights.  There are currently 27th amendments to the Constitution.