What was one quality that Jessie admired in the sailors in Slave Dancer?Like in Chapters 1-4, what were the qualities that Jessie liked about the sailors?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One quality that Jessie admires in the sailors is the fact that they work so hard.  He notices right away that they are "never idle"; the only time they seem to have even a moment of free time is when they have just come off watch.  Jessie understands "that a ship must be tended to day and night as though it (is) the very air one took into one's lungs, and that to neglect it for a second (is) to risk dangers which...(he can) only imagine".  Purvis had early on recounted to Jessie "tales of storms at sea, masts split like twigs, crews swept overboard by giant waves, men caught in flying anchor cables and flung, broken, into the churning water", all catastophes which frequently could not be avoided, but whose effects could sometimes be alleviated only through constant, unrelenting vigilance.  The idea of respite from the demands of the ship is unthinkable; "there (is) no way to leave off the work of a ship".  The men appear to accept this fact and tend to their neverending duties capably and without complaint (Chapter 3 - "The Moonlight").