What was one of the major effects of the continental glaicers on the landscapes of New York State?

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One result of the continental glaciers on the landscape of New York’s landscape are the unconsolidated and unsorted sediments that are found along the hilly region of Long Island. Likewise, a track of rock that was transported and deposited by the continental glaciers can be found across the state.

The continental glaciers carried particles of various sizes. Particles as fine as clay and as large as boulders were carried by the glaciers. When the ice from the glaciers melted, the particles that were carried within the ice of the glaciers were deposited and relocated to the location at which the ice melted. For this reason, most of the surface materials of New York can be classified as transported materials. Such deposits are easy to recognize because they show less sorting than deposits that accrue from other means of erosion.  


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