What was not an effect of the New Deal?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The New Deal tried to accomplish many things. It tried to bring relief and recovery to the American People. It also tried to bring reform to our financial and economic systems. While the New Deal hoped to end the Great Depression, it was not successful in accomplishing this goal.

The New Deal programs created many jobs for the American people. The hope was that if more Americans were working, they would want to buy things, which would stimulate the economy and allow it to grow. The government went into debt trying to provide jobs to the American people and in trying to bring relief to our people.

When President Roosevelt tried to cut back the spending on federal programs in 1937, the economy slipped back into a recession. Our economy wasn’t strong enough to operate without government assistance. It took the start of World War II to help end the Great Depression. The jobs created by the war brought our economy out of the Great Depression.

The New Deal was not able to end the Great Depression.