Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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What was Nick's plan in chapter 5? Did it work? 

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Mrs. Granger assigned an oral report on dictionaries to Nick.  Nick was notorious for being a skilled time-waster at school.  He loved to distract his teachers to waste time and avoid classwork.  Nick soon discovered that Mrs. Granger was more aware than his previous teachers had been.

Nick had the idea to make his oral report last for the entire class period. He reported on his research, and also read excerpts from the dictionary itself.  Mrs. Granger stopped him when there were only ten minutes left of the class period.  She gave the students work to do with only eight minutes left, and it was all "a blur of verbs and nouns and prepositions."  She even gave the class "another homework assignment."

The plan to waste the entire class period did not work and Nick was surprised.  Not only did the students still have to complete work and were assigned homework, but the report seemed to make Mrs. Granger happy.  She approved of Nick's oral report, and she seemed impressed by his knowledge and research.  Nick did not realize that this would happen.  Her attitude toward Nick made him feel that "he was being treated like... the teacher's pet."


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