What was Napoleon's domestic policy?

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jcross373 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Napoleon trained at a military school, which was shown during his control of the French Army of Italy. While Napoleon was leading the French Army, things were falling apart in France. Financially the country was failing, which assisted in the country's political unrest. This very much angered Napoleon and he ended up returning home. Around the year of 1800, Napoleon took the role of a military dictator and the people of France were very welcoming of Napoleon. Napoleon made himself Emperor of France in the early 1800's, which was vital for both France and Europe.

Napoleon believe that he had to be the one in complete control, but also a statesman controlling foreign policy, which was extremely difficult. Napoleon believed that France should have a very strong government, which he would control. In his domestic policy, he virtually reverse any gains of the Revolution and instead, he took away people's liberties. However; he did make decisions in favor of the people of France. One major law that Napoleon enforced was Code Napoleon, which brought forth equality under the law, as well as freedom of religion. On the downside, women were inferior to men, children lacked any sort of rights, and trade unions were illegal.

Napoleon is a very interesting historical emperor and military leader, and I would highly recommend looking more into his policies and accomplishments.