How many schools are mentioned in "Teenage Wasteland" that Donny attends? There was an incident in the story where Donny got expelled from his school and decided he wanted to go to a public high school--what was the name of the public school called?

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At the beginning of the story, Donny attends an unnamed private school, whose principal is Mr. Lanham.  At his suggestion, Donny begins private tutoring with Cal, but contines to attend the private school.  When he is expelled from this private school after the incident with the beer found in his locker, Donny and Cal both mention Donny's desire to go to a school called "Brantly."  An application is referenced and Cal mentions having connections there to help him "get in," so it is assumed that Brantly is also a private school.  In the end, Donny's parents send him to an unnamed public school and cancel his tutoring sessions with Cal.

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