What was the name of the program developed to deal with contact from an alien?

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The name of the program is Wildfire.

In the book, the Andromeda Strain is said to be the first extraterrestrial-based biological crisis on earth. Accordingly, the Wildfire Project was created to deal with such a crisis.

In Chapter 4, the text reveals one Arthur Manchek as a senior Scoop officer. Scoop is the name of a series of American satellites. If we go back to Chapter 1, we read that Lieutenant Roger Shawn and Private Lewis Crane are looking for a Scoop satellite. Neither man knows much about the Scoops, except that the satellites are tasked with exploring and analyzing the upper atmosphere.

In the story, the two men look for the Scoop satellite that has just landed and are shocked to discover dead bodies in the surrounding area. This is the sort of biological crisis the Wildfire Project has been created for. In Chapter 4, we learn a little more about Project Wildfire. In the event of a crisis, a 5-man laboratory team is tasked with investigating the presence of extraterrestrial forms on any American spacecraft (like the Scoop) that has returned to earth.

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